Langasite, langatate - new piezoelectric crystals
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Langasite piezoelectric crystals Piezoelectric filters, resonators, SAW wafers

Fomos-Materials company is one of the worldwide leaders in producing and supplying of piezocrystals and piezosubstrates.

Fomos was founded in 1991 by highly qualified experts of electronic engineering industry of the former USSR who had extensive experience in developing and manufacturing piezoelectric devices. Our employees are well-qualified scientists, engineers and managers involved in investigating, producing and marketing innovative piezoelectric materials: langasite — lanthanum gallium silicate (LGS) and langatate — lanthanum gallium tantalate (LGT).

Fomos has a comprehensive technological cycle to grow piezoelectric crystals by the Czochralski method and provide a wide range of crystal products, including initial charge synthesis, crystal growth and further processing. Our production facilities are well equipped and staffed with experienced process engineers and operators.

Most of the unique crystal growth techniques developed by our researchers have got patent protection in the USA, Europe, Russia, China, Korea and Japan.

Fomos provides both standard and customized crystal products:

ISO 9001:2008We inform our partners and customers that a Quality Management System was developed and put into practice in Fomos-Materials at the end of 2014 and finally certified in June 2015. Certificates of compliance with ISO 9001:2008 (GOST ISO 9001-2011) standard both in Russian national certification system GOST R and in German Accreditation System DAkkS were obtained. The scope of certification includes developing, manufacturing, selling and servicing of products made of piezoelectric, scintillation and optical crystals. The results of the inspection audit showed that the Quality Management System developed in Fomos-Materials creates the conditions for stable, efficient development and manufacturing of quality products.

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